Tuesday, November 3, 2009

"Coral Sands"

Fiber art piece, burned and melted fabrics,  fibers and sticks, handmade papers, silks, organza, shells, hand dyed and painted...

...sold at "Blurred Boundaries" juried show and was the showcased piece at the show!

I am trying to decide if I should spend this next month working on more abstract pieces like this one instead of the photograph fiber art quilts I was concentrating on last month.  Still looking for that one "true to me" direction.  Maybe I should just let it go and do lots of different things like I was.
What do other artists think about having more than one direction?  Please leave your comments below!
signed,  "Still Confused"


  1. This is GORGEOUS, Jacquie!

    I am the queen of more than one direction. The same old thing everyday would be too boring for me.


  2. Hey Girl...This is a beautiful piece. You do not have to choose between one direction or another. Georgia worked in many different directions....flowers, bones, abstracts. The only thing I encourage is work in series for a bit. Perhaps do a series of abstracts, 10...12. Then do a series of pieces with photographs, so if you have an opportunity to do a show you can give the gallery some continuity in your show. Your show may have both these themes, abstracts and with photos, but you will have worked in each in series. Plus, by doing a bunch of one "type" you will find out how your really feel about that direction. A dozen abstracts and you may say ok I'm done with that for now or you may find this excites you and you keep going. Let the work tell you which direction to continue in rather than you telling the work before you even get started. Just my two cents worth. Love ya.