Friday, September 24, 2010

Handmade Books II & III continued some more...

This silver and black thick book has a textured "bubble" finish with Japanese black textured hinges.  Inside you will find black and silver Japanese origami vellum on both the front and back covers.  The book is stocked with paper in white by Canson.    
    The rust colored booklet is made with handpained vellum that was created by me and lined with a rare Japanese lacey paper that shows the rust vellum through the paper.  It also is stocked with white paper by Canson.                                                                 
Next  is the lime green textured paper book that has a binding created out of Japanese character paper, sewn pamphlet style in two directions for interest and strength.  On top is a character meaning friendship done with a stamp dipped in bleach on black cardstock.  
  Fourth is a purple textured, hand dyed paper which is on the outside of the book as well as the inside.  You can see it is pamphlet style with colored silk yarn as it's binding and lengthened for interest.  A handmade strip of paper that I created is the focal point of the book.  The book is stocked with white Canson paper with a deckled edge.                        
  And finally, the Chinese inspired book made first with Chinese character paper then covered in a cat gut vellum with frayed jute running through it in two directions and torn to reveal the base paper.  This book is also stocked with white Canson paper.       

I hope you have enjoyed looking at all my pieces.  If you are interested in anything on this blog or on my website which is , please contact me for info and pricing at
I would be most happy to specialize something for you!

Handmade Books II & III continued...

Handmade Books II & III

 Take a look and please enjoy these additional handmade journals!  These first 3 journals were made specifically for 3 different people.  You can order similar or other designs that you may want in certain colors or sizes and keep for yourself or give as a gift for that special person.  Journals in other blog entries are also for sale.  Simply email me for details on size and cost and I can ship it to you right away!  You can contact me at for all info and inquiries.
  This first journal was made of wood veneer paper with burnt edge rust colored book paper as hinges and ties with bamboo yarn to a wood button.  It is lined with the same brown paper and stocked with Stonehenge cream colored premium paper inside.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Handmade Books!

Here are 3 of my new handmade books!  Contact me for info:

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

I'm published!!!

I'm published!!!! 4 photos of 2 of my art pieces are published in a book called, "1000 Artisan Textiles: Contemporary Fiber Art, Quilts and Wearables" by Sandra Salamony and Gina M. Brown
You can find it at your local bookstore or at Amazon!
Check it out!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

New Jewelry!

Vintage watch face pendants!  Wear with a black cord which comes with the pendant or any chain you like!

See them and buy them here or on my website:

Or, you can email me at: