Sunday, November 8, 2009

Abstract fiber pieces are really a challenge to create because you really want there to be substance and meaning or a part of your self in the piece.  Whether that part is emotionally imbued or created with a sense of place or whatever the inspiration, there should still be a connection with your piece that speaks of you as an artist.  I love making abstract art because it always is a challenge to show my emotional connection to it.  To me taking things that inspire me or that I am inspired by and putting them together in a way that shows emotion is truly creative.

This is from a challenge on one of my online art groups.  The challenge was to take 3 fabrics, 5 buttons, a certain number of beads, 2 different color threads and 2 other materials of your choice.  "Bamboo Ladder" is what I came up with.  I am heavily influenced by the Asian culture and its' design.  I also have a real attachment to natural items, hence the rocks and the bamboo.  I wanted to use the materials untraditionally, yet people would still see this as a fiber piece.  This piece is inspired by the upward movement of my art toward nature and the desire to create a simple lined, natural, (cotton, felt, silk) Asian inspired design that I and others can connect with personally.

Anyway, I do hope you like it!   The piece along with another of my pieces will be featured in a book of 1000 Artisan Textiles in the summer of 2010!   More to come on that as it becomes available!

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