Sunday, November 15, 2009

"Cuffs for Christmas"

Cuff's for Christmas ...  

 I have been busily making these for a Christmas art show in December!  A great way to use up scraps. 

 Each one of these cuffs has a hook and eye, asian style clasp and a vintage button or metal finding attached.  

They sell for $40.00 to $47.50 and are a great gift to give!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

KC Willis' Marketing Mindset Workshops!!!!!

I took a workshop with KC Willis in Longmont, CO this past October and let me tell you, this lady is an artist and marketing dynamo!
We talked as a group about some of the ways she goes about representing herself and her art and how she makes a living doing so.  I am more than recommending that you sign up right now for her marketing workshops because she truly knows what she is doing and does it well!
You will get amazing info, videos, discussions, and lots of know how and you'll meet some great people!  I can attest to that!  Also, if you sign up now before her first video hits the web, you'll get a heck of a discount!
Here is the link to her "Marketing Mindset" workshop site:
Sign up right away!!!!  Trust me, it's worth every penny!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Abstract fiber pieces are really a challenge to create because you really want there to be substance and meaning or a part of your self in the piece.  Whether that part is emotionally imbued or created with a sense of place or whatever the inspiration, there should still be a connection with your piece that speaks of you as an artist.  I love making abstract art because it always is a challenge to show my emotional connection to it.  To me taking things that inspire me or that I am inspired by and putting them together in a way that shows emotion is truly creative.

This is from a challenge on one of my online art groups.  The challenge was to take 3 fabrics, 5 buttons, a certain number of beads, 2 different color threads and 2 other materials of your choice.  "Bamboo Ladder" is what I came up with.  I am heavily influenced by the Asian culture and its' design.  I also have a real attachment to natural items, hence the rocks and the bamboo.  I wanted to use the materials untraditionally, yet people would still see this as a fiber piece.  This piece is inspired by the upward movement of my art toward nature and the desire to create a simple lined, natural, (cotton, felt, silk) Asian inspired design that I and others can connect with personally.

Anyway, I do hope you like it!   The piece along with another of my pieces will be featured in a book of 1000 Artisan Textiles in the summer of 2010!   More to come on that as it becomes available!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

"Coral Sands"

Fiber art piece, burned and melted fabrics,  fibers and sticks, handmade papers, silks, organza, shells, hand dyed and painted...

...sold at "Blurred Boundaries" juried show and was the showcased piece at the show!

I am trying to decide if I should spend this next month working on more abstract pieces like this one instead of the photograph fiber art quilts I was concentrating on last month.  Still looking for that one "true to me" direction.  Maybe I should just let it go and do lots of different things like I was.
What do other artists think about having more than one direction?  Please leave your comments below!
signed,  "Still Confused"

Monday, November 2, 2009

Reprint from Old Blog...

This is a piece that I did with some of my vintage, heirloom draperies that I have in my stash.  I call it, "Love and Luck".  I love to use my painted, molded and sewn images that I cut out of magazines.  I don't just take an image from a magazine and go over it with paint.  Sometimes I make my own image irregardless
of what the image is in the magazine.  I just like the recycled quality of using several layers of magazine sewn together.  Sometimes I heavily alter an existing image in the magazine to suit my purposes.  Either way, the combination of paper and fabric has such an allure I think together.  Don't you?  Especially when it is made with textural elements like molding paste or garnet gel.  Love that stuff!