Wednesday, October 21, 2009

"Dragon Lady"
"Dragon Lady" is a piece that I did after having a glorious 5 day workshop with KC Willis in Colorado last week!  I was very concerned when I made this as to whether it depicted my own work or whether it seemed too much like KC's.  I found myself wondering, "what does my own work look like?"  because as you will see in the coming weeks as I reprint some of my old blog posts on my new blogger blog that I have done MANY different types of art work, some abstract, some not so abstract.  Well, being the incredibly honest, open and caring artist / person that I have ever met, KC assured me that,  "This song was sung in your exceptionally special voice and it's beautiful."  Wow !!  was my reaction and how sweet of her to say that!  Between KC's approval and all the other positive feedback that I've received so far, I was given a new burst of confidence that I needed to get out of the slump I have been in for the past month!  It's nice to know that other artists and others in general can share their opinions and give their encouragement to other artists.  I think as artists we all need that from time to time!  Thank you to all!


  1. This really is so very you! Beautiful and evocative!


  2. Thank you Eileen, how sweet of you to say!